Hog Hunting

Georgia hog hunting with dogs Black Creek Lodge

Hunting Wild Hogs in Georgia

Looking for a little excitement! Boar hunting is not for the faint of heart. 

The excitement of hunting wild hogs through the bottom lands of Middle Georgia is sure to be considered an extreme sport. Wild hogs are a very challenging animal to hunt because they possess keen senses of smelling and hearing. Wild hog are very muscular animals that rely on its speed, wits and brute force to evade hunters. 

The powerful tusks are formidable weapons that sometimes reach five inches in length.

Hog hunts can be arranged to suit your desire and needs. We can hunt from the ground blinds, stalking/ still hunting or hunting from elevated stands.

Starting in April 2018 we will offer the ability to rent guns with thermal scopes for a night time hunt. 

Georgia hog hunt Black Creek Lodge

Hog Hunting with Dogs

Hog hunting with dogs is the most exciting and effective way for hunting wild hogs. When boar hunting in Georgia with dogs, NO FIREARMS or BOWS are allowed. Knives and rope only. Two guides go out with the hunters.

Once the hog dogs, normally curs, locate and bay a hog, the catch dogs go in and hold the hog for the hunters. At this point the hunters are running through the brush trying to get to the hog and dogs. Upon arriving the guides will talk you through the process of gaining control, flipping the hog and trying or dispatching the wild hog. This type of hunt should be considered dangerous. Sometimes it will be a young 70 lb. boar, a 200 lb. sow with a bad attitude or a 300 lb. boar hog that will take everybody to flip and tie. We use this technique throughout the year with the exception of during firearms deer hunting season. This is normally a morning hog hunt or night time hog hunt depending on the weather.

Hog Hunt from Stand

Hog Hunt from Stand

Hog Hunt from Stand

Full day hog hunt from stand without meals or lodging. 

Price $425.00

Hog Hunt With Dogs

Hog Hunt from Stand

Hog Hunt from Stand

Fully guided hog hunt with dogs 

Price $525.00

Approximately 4 hours

Thermal Hog Hunting

Hunting hogs with thermal optics at night is the newest way to hunt hogs. This hunt offers the use of state of the art FLIR Thermal scopes that pick up heat signatures of the hogs in fields, woodlands and pasture.! 

No trophy fees. Show up and hunt!  Thermal hog hunts includes rifle, thermal scopes, ammo, transportation, game recovery and guide! 

Hunts are conducted from dusk to dawn but normally only take a couple of hours to get hunters on their hogs. These thermal hog hunts are from stands or ground blinds with rifles equipped with thermal optics.

Plan to arrive 2 hours before dark. We will get you comfortable with the operation of the guns and scopes, answer any questions, go over procedures, shot placement and get you to your stand in plenty of time to intercept the hogs. Normally the hogs are very predictable and have been patterned coming to a known food source. I the event that a hunter does not get a shot opportunity they can come back at no additional cost.

Thermal Hog Hunt from Stand

Night time hog hunt with our thermal scopes, guns and ammo included.  

Price $525.00

Approximately 4 hours

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