Georgia Deer Hunting

Georgia deer hunting BLACK CREEK LODGE

Effective Jan 10th 2016, Black Creek Plantation has decided to only offer season long memberships with more options, opportunity, flexibility, higher game limits and unlimited days of deer hunting throughout the season than your typical 3 or 4 day hunt with an outfitter.

With over 20 years of quality management, deer hunting at Black Creek Plantation offers the opportunity to harvest the buck of a lifetime. The average buck will gross more than 120 B&C points with our largest buck to date grossing over 155 B&C. Quality management is the focus at Black Creek Plantation. You cant kill big deer if you don;t hunt property that has big deer.

Black Creek Plantation implemented a supplemental feeding program that will allow our bucks to maximize their antler development. Feeders were installed throughout the property to allow the deer access to high protein pellets. Recent changes in the Georgia hunting regulations that will allow hunters to hunt deer in the vicinity of these feeders.

How We Deer Hunt

Most deer hunting in Georgia is done from stands; mainly  box stands, ladder stands and ground blinds. Many stands can accommodate 2 people which make them ideal for parent/child.  You are also welcome to bring your own stands. We scout each tract for months and place stands where we have seen good bucks and buck sign. With over 20 years hunting this property we have the knowledge to help you come eye-to-eye with a nice buck.  The most productive time to get a nice whitetail deer is during the pre-rut and rut. These prime times for deer hunting in Georgia are from Oct. 25th - Nov. 20th.

Deer hunting at Black Creek Plantation is limited to 8 members per year and their guest. This assures quality deer hunts for everyone.

Deer/Hog Hunting Membership

Includes the following:

  • 2 mature bucks (4 points on a side and outside the ears)
  • 4 does​ or hogs of any size.
  • 10 rooms for the night at the lodge. Additional rooms are $75/night

Year round access to the property for fishing, family get-a-way and vacations, birthdays, family reunions, guys/gals weekends, shooting (both rifle, pistol or clays) and hog hunting.

Guest are welcome to visit and deer hunt. Any deer or hogs taken goes against the membership limits. Members are responsible for their guest. Choose wisely.

Annual Cost : $3250.00

Reserve your membership for the upcoming 2020-2021 Georgia deer season.

Give us a call (478) 387-5650 or email us at or Fill out a contact form for additional information or to schedule a visit.